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Greenman Backpackers Do’s and Don’ts

From Nights

We are grateful to our backpacking and hosteling friends for suggesting these do’s and don’ts:

  1. Don’t be the late night rustler
  2. Do carry a little torch when you go out at night
  3. Don’t take Skype calls in the dorm room
  4. Do remember to consider personal climate preferences
  5. Do be mindful of other peoples’ schedules
  6. Do be considerate of all room-mates, human weaknesses & all
  7. Do buy some earplugs
  8. Don’t forget your manners
  9. Do share experiences
  10. Don’t hog the power points
  11. Do put your dishes away
  12. Do leave the romance at the dorm room door
  13. Don’t be the dorm room slob
  14. Do reach out and introduce yourself
  15. Have fun!